Sales Policy Update / Rant

This pertains to anyone interested in buying a pet. I run a closed rabbitry. This may seem shady to some, but let me explain. I used to allow anyone into my barn and for the most part it was okay. But let’s be honest. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. This is my home and I have a right to protect my animals, family, home and my sanity.

I have had people, both adults and children, come into my home and cause harm to my animals one way or another. I have seen an adult woman throw a temper tantrum in my barn on the floor, because I would not sell her a particular rabbit that she sees but was never on the table for sale.

Children that either haven’t been taught or are just too young to know better, sticking fingers in cages representing danger of being bitten, or harm to the sleeping babies in the nestbox. (I have a toddler, I know it’s hard to keep them in line!)

Up until today I have allowed people to come to my home and I bring rabbits up to the driveway for pet purchases. But an unfortunate incident has taken place and I will no longer allow any pet purchases to be made at my home.

Again, I know this may seem shady to some but it simply isn’t worth the hassle, danger or worry. If you want one of my animals I will happily meet you at a rabbit show or a nearby public location any day of the week. I work at home and have a pretty flexible schedule.

I offer to you unlimited email, texting and phone support. I really do want you and your rabbit(s) to have a long and happy life together but I simply cannot put my family or animals at risk anymore to that one unstable person who might happen by.

Don’t for a minute think that I am the only breeder who does this. I posted on a very public forum and out of several responses not one meets for pet sales at their home any more. You may be totally fine, level headed and normal. But the next person may have some serious mental defect and I do not want this in my home or around my family.

My rabbits are therapy to me. They provide all sorts of joy and excitement, as well as their own fair share of heartache and anxiety. Not to mention ridiculous amounts of weekly poop cleaning. I do not make any money off of my sales. I might, maybe break even if I try and lie to myself on the bunny finances.

If you’ve read this far I thank you and hope you understand and respect my decision. If not, it isn’t meant to be and I hope you find the perfect bunny somewhere else.

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