Pedigree Creator Update and more

The end of 2015 is nearly here and there’s been lots of changes for me. I’m successfully building and selling candles on Etsy and Amazon and hope to launch my own website for it next year. I’ve also decided to attempt to earn my ARBA Judges license (which I had never planned on doing before) but it seems the next step for me!

We are also about to have big changes for the Pedigree Creator. My husband has been working on it and preparing a shiny new version that will launch at some point very soon. It looks completely different and is more user-friendly allowing you to edit a pedigree with ease. No more going back and linking/adding in parents and grandparents, you can do that all from one spot. All rabbits currently in the database will remain as the new version will have the old information already. There’s nearly 10,000 rabbits entered in there from over 200 users.

We will be charging for the service and it will be subscription based due to online storage and backups. But we also plan on adding more useful tools later. People using it currently will get a free trial for a set time and all new users can obtain a trial as well.

I’m having lots of baby Holland Lops born. I hope to have some very nice ones to show and sell soon. I already have a waiting list for pets so if you need a pet (or a show prospect) let me know.

I haven’t bred any of my Himalayans since May but I plan on breeding a few this month. The first litters I had produced came out extremely promising and we even got a few honorable mentions in the Best in Show judging this year. Maybe next year I’ll earn one with a home-grown himmie.

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  1. pam zapata says:

    I am looking for a broken buck. I have three pedigreed Holland lops and recently lost my buck. If you have anything for sale i would appreciate information. Thanks

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