Ringenbach Rabbitry - Meridianville, Alabama


I’ve been working hard to get my candle business off the ground. I’ve joined up on Amazon Handmade also, but it’s sort of been slow over there what with many problems on Amazon’s side....


Upcoming shows

I’ll be attending the following shows September. I’ll also have some junior Holland Lops to sell, some are show quality and maybe a few Himalayans. Sept 5 – Murfreesboro, TN Sept 19 – RPOA...


Sale Page updated today

I have updated the For Sale Page for Holland Lops. I have 3 little junior bucks, pet quality for sale. They are $40 each and come with a bag of food, care papers and...


Holland Lops… and Candles?!

I’ve launched a new side business, finally releasing the artist within. I’m actually good at this! They look store bought, professional and elegant. Perfect for gifts or any space! All of my candles are...


Sale Page Update

I’ve added 4 more pet Holland Lops to sell. Broken and Solid Tort bucks. Bucks make the BEST pets and are adventurous and loving. Contact me at kimringenbach@gmail.com for a personal viewing!


Baby Hollands for Sale

Several of my baby Holland Lops are beginning to wean and will need new homes. I will be selling all bucks without a second glance because I don’t need anymore at this time. An...


Babies are popping up everywhere!

Seems like all of my does are taking and having healthy babies this spring, even the older ones. Today I found 3 new litters of Hollands born (small litters though) and I have 2...


Sale Pages are updated with pictures

I’ve updated the Sale pages today. I have two tort junior does left and one black Himalayan doe for sale. More are to come, babies are in the nestboxes and due all in May....


Himalayan babies!

Just look at how cute these guys are! Just had to share. I’m gearing up for our local RCRC show this weekend. I will be taking several baby Holland Lops to sell and a...

For Sale Lists Updated 0

For Sale Lists Updated

I do have about a dozen folks who want baby Hollands and show quality Hollands right now but I’ve posted some pictures. I’ve decided to sell a RGC brood doe since I’ve got enough...