Babies are popping up everywhere!

Seems like all of my does are taking and having healthy babies this spring, even the older ones. Today I found 3 new litters of Hollands born (small litters though) and I have 2 of my nicest Himalayan does frantically nest building. I am fixing to have several good show prospect Himalayan’s for sale. I am considering selling all of the chocolates and lilacs and just sticking to Black and Blue. If you are interested in this unique breed let me know. They make amazing pets for children with their laid-back personality. Anyone interested in showing Himmies I will put together the best quality. As it is right now, I am the only one in Alabama and TN showing this breed and would like people to start off with good animals and stick with it. I might even put a few in the raffle in Lawrenceburg, TN on June 13th just to get some interest.

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