All About Himalayans


Himalayans are one of the oldest known breeds of rabbits and the only breed with the cylindrical body shape. These guys are very ferret like which means that are light weight, thin and fine of bone on top of being so long in the midsection. They are normally carried by people under the stomach, so they lay there limp as a scarf would lay across your hand.

This breed is incredibly gentle and make very good pets. They rarely kick to scratch and rarely bite. They are a wonderful entry breed for young children and for showmanship because of how easy they are to pose. These guys will usually just pose perfectly and not move very much. I personally decided to buy them for my son to interact with (who at this time is 1yr old.)

They breed extremely well and are excellent mothers for the most part.

Himalayans come in four color varieties: Black, Blue, Lilac and Chocolate and all have pink eyes and dark nails. Color should only appear on the ears, nose, feet, legs and tail. This breed is affected by temperature and will sometimes get smut on any part of the body (eye shadow is common) but any color on the body/pelt is a disqualification from show (though this will usually molt out.) High humidity will also cause smutty markings. I have even heard that rabbits may have discolored fur in the shape of the object that they lay against, if it was wet on the fur.

The nose marking should be egg shaped and the boots on the hind legs should raise up as high as possible. All of the markings should be as even as possible and as dark as possible with clear cut edges.

When breeding these together it’s best to keep Blacks pure but they can be bred to blues as well. Chocolate and Lilac work well together and you can breed in a black occasionally to help darken the color. The darkest purest colored points are desired with even markings. Body type should be as long as possible with a flat top-line and even (non bulging) sides.