A better website & name change

After nearly 20yrs of being known as Kim’s Rabbit Hutch, we are changing to Ringenbach Rabbitry. Pedigree prefixes used to be “Kim’s” but will switch to “RR’s” for all new babies born in the rabbitry.

I’ve spent the last month working on the redesign and rewrites of some articles that were out of date. There’s new features too, such as leaving comments. The Breeders Directory is now a lot more efficient. You can now immediately post your listing and edit it at any time all by yourself. No more waiting on me to get around to it.

The Pedigree Creator is being completely rewritten with a more user friendly interface. Once all the bugs are worked out we will link it to a completely new site. As for now it links back to the old site with the old layout. I still have to manually add accounts for this, but that’ll be fixed with the new site.

The color calculator also links back to the old site, but we hope to convert that over soon. Still works the same way.

The site may be a little slow while everything is being worked on. Some links may briefly go down while I fix things here and there.

I’m still working on several things but if you notice something not quite right, feel free to leave a comment about it and I’ll look into it!

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