I’ve been working hard to get my candle business off the ground. I’ve joined up on Amazon Handmade also, but it’s sort of been slow over there what with many problems on Amazon’s side. I guess that is because it’s brand new and it’ll get better. To check out my Amazon Store (free shipping on $30+ purchases, go to http://bit.ly/naturalsoycandles

Rabbits have been put on the back-burner as we’re in a long pause for shows. I can’t make it to Perry or Conyers (Georgia) because I don’t have hotel money so my next show is towards the end of November, followed by the All Southern Grand Final which is being hosted by CARE and held in Fultondale, AL this year. I bred a few Holland Lops, but no one took so will be re-breeding on a mass scale this week hoping for some litters.

I’m also anxiously awaiting the new ARBA Standard of Perfection book as I’ve been strong-armed into taking my judges test. Ok, I sort of wanted to do it anyway.

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