Types of Disqualifications

I have collected these from different books and experience. I hope it helps. Faults are located neat the bottom.

1. Signs of Disease, including discharges or smells from the eyes, nose, ears, and genitals. Tumors or swelling. Infected cuts.

2. Missing toes or fingers, or other body parts. Missing toenails or finger nails. Missing testicles in males, or split penis.

3. Over weight or underweight per ARBA standard.

4. Unacceptable colors, eye colors. Miss colored toenails, excessive white hairs in colored rabbits. Color spots where white should be, or white where colored should be. “Smut.” Wrong undercolors. If you try to alter the appearence by dying or plucking may result in your whole entry being disqualified.

5. Wrong breed entered, sex, color, and age. Wrong tattoo entered, or no tattoo at all. If the tattoo is really blurry and cannot be read it’s a disqualification.

6. Deformed legs, or feet that are crooked and/or bent.

7. Poor ear carriage. (eg. Lops ears should lay down, others should stick erect on top of the head.)

8. Malocclusions: All types. If the top teeth don’t lay over the bottom teeth, then you’re rabbit has a malocclusion.

9. Eyes that don’t match, or have spots in the eye. Wall eyes (white in the eye).

10. Sore hocks so severe that the rabbit bleeds.

11. Very poor condition. (eg. poor nutrition causing the rabbit to be under weight, sore hocks, matted fur covering the whole body, hutch stain covering the whole body.)

12. Tails that are in the “screwed” fashion. Such as the tail twisting to the side, instead of standing straight. Missing tails.

13. Bad table manners. If the judge cannot get your rabbit to pose, or if it bites the judge, he/she may disqualify it for bad table manners. This is usually a sign of abuse, or neglect. Handle your rabbits more!

14. Blindness. Althought I don’t know of many judges looking for this, I have heard of it being caught. Most exhibitors don’t know about it till it is proven. Most times when a rabbit is blind, one eye will have a funny white or blue color to it from injury. But sometimes they are just born that way.

15. Dewlaps. Sometimes this is a fault, but some breeds do not allow it at all. Does usually have dewlaps.

16. Torn ears. This could happen from litter mates chewing on ears, or a cut on the cage.

17. Infestion from fleas, mites, or lice. These animals will be removed and treated as the diseased ones since you never know what one of those bugs could carry.

Types of Faults

These are only faults. They apply to all breeds. These faults could determine a winner from a second place rabbit. You may or may not get disqualified for some of these. It depends on the judge, or how poor the fault is.
1. Poor flesh condition. The rabbit needs more exersize and food usually.

2. Hutch stain

3. Poor coat condition: molt or bald spots

4. Stray white hairs. If there hairs are all over, the rabbit should be disqualified.

5. Flabby skin, or dewlap. Usually in older animals or does. 6. Poor ear carriage. Sometimes this will be a disqualification. It just depends on how bad it is, and how good the rest of the body is. Alot of the times if the rabbit has a better body then the rest in the class, the judge may let this one slide.

7. Poor color or markings. Extremely light color. Or in breeds that have distinct markings (eg. dutch, tan etc.) who’s markings maybe uneven or have poor color to them.

8. Poor eye color. A blue eyed white should have bright blue eyes. Sometimes they have blue gray, when they are young and this may get them disqualified or you may just get a warning (fault) to keep a look out for this and make sure they change to bright blue.

9. Matted fur. A rabbit that hasn’t been groomed could determine the winner from it. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen someones rabbits been beat because they did not groom it. If it would have been groomed, it would have probably won.

10. Poor table manners. This could result in a disqualification. It just depends on how much the judge is willing to withstand.

11. Poor tattoo. If it is really light or blurry and hard to read it will be a fault. If it is totally unable to be read, it will be disqualified.

I hope this helps so you can carefully check over your rabbits, or look for while purchasing one.