Types of Awards

Champion Legs
Legs are awarded when one rabbit gets first place, if there is 5 or more in that class AND at least 3 exhibitors. Legs are usually also awarded if a rabbit gets BOB and BOS if there is more then 5 in the breed and 3 exhibitors. BIS gets a leg too. No more then one leg can be awarded per show. I will
explain what BOB, and the rest of the abbreviations are below.

Best of Variety (BOV) is the best rabbit in that class of that color. Best Opposite Sex Variety (BOSV) is the 2nd best, but has to be the opposite in sex of the winner of BOV. The winners of BOV and BOSV stay up on the judging table and are judged for BOB and BOS.

BOB (Best of Breed) and BOS (Best Opposite Sex of Breed) are both judged from the winners of BOV and BOSV.
So those who win BOV or BOSV stay on the judging table and go up for BOB or BOS. Only one male and one female may win this. So if a buck is chosen as BOB, a doe must be BOS even if there is another buck there, that is a better rabbit then the doe. The winner of BOB goes up for BIS later on in the show.

BIS, 1st Runner Up, 2nd Runner Up
BIS is the big win. It is Best In Show. All of the rabbits who have won BOB go up for one last contest to see who will win. The judge picks the best rabbit off the table. So one rabbit from every breed will basically go up for this. All the ones who have won BOB anyway.

1st runner up is like second place to BIS. 2nd runner up is like third place to BIS. They also use Best 6 Class or Best 4 Class or Reserve in Show sometimes.

Sweepstakes Points
In addition to going to a show sanctioned by ARBA, some breeders go if their breed is sanctioned by their national club. Being a member of this club and placing well in the classes award sweepstakes points to the exhibitor. At the end of sweepstakes year the exhibitor may get a special award for having so many specialty or quality points.

Fair Shows
All fairs are run differently. Some are just fun shows with no sanctions but nearly all will award ribbons, trophies and cash payback. Some may require animals to be on display for the entire fair.