The Nose

The symptoms are, running nose (yellow or green discharge) and sneezing. This shouldn’t be confused with the rabbit getting dust or water in its nose, they sneeze like us sometimes. Check the insides of its fronts paws. If the fur is matted together and wet, then it could have snuffles. They use their paws to wipe their nose. Any rabbit breeder who has snuffles shouldn’t try to cure it, because it can get very expensive and snuffles is a disease that spreads quickly and could wipe out a whole barn. These rabbits should be culled, and their cage burned to clear away the disease. Water and food supplies should be cleaned or thrown out. If you do decide to treat snuffles, try VetRx. It seems to work the best. If you manage to treat snuffles, there is always a high chance of it returning randomly. It is highly contagious and infected animals should not be near healthy ones.

This is when snuffles goes untreated or treatment isn’t successful. Rabbits usually die at this stage. Pneumonia is an inflammation of lung tissue, resulting in reduced oxygen uptake by the blood. It also leads to poor weight gain, and rough coats. Prevention against this and snuffles is cleaning the cages as often as they need it, and not allowing bacteria to form. Avoid sick rabbits who may have it. If you handle one at a show, use hand sanitizer and mention it to a show superintendent. Rabbits with visible illnesses are always removed from the show room quietly. Keep out drafts and try to keep the hutch calm. Stress often leads to many diseases and even death.

Scabby Nose
Scabs around the nose and mouth that may or may not have a discharge. This is usually from a severe case of Vent Disease or Hutch burn and is contracted to the nose from the eating of night feces (which is normal) or cleaning. The use of antibiotic cream on the nose and area of hutch burn works the best. Vent disease is discussed on the reproduction pages. Vent Disease and Hutch Burn are all caused from poor sanitation and often spread by breeding an infected animal to a healthy one.