The Ears

Summer Ears
Often babies born in the summer who have to deal with heat, end up having longer ears. So most breeders try not to breed during the summer, unless they have them indoors or in a cooler spot. There’s no illness or defect here, just an effect of the heat. Most often seen in lopped breeds.

Wry Neck
This is where the head seems to be tilted to either side of the body and doesn’t move, only turn more twisted. It is often caused by an infection of the middle ear. There is no proven treatment for this. This is not a genetic disease and nothing would be wrong with the rabbit for pet (if minor) or meat

Ear Mites/Canker
Mites are detected by a brownish buildup in the ear. Rabbits often scratch their head and shake their head violently. Mineral Oil can be used to kill the mites. Ear mites spread pretty fast and easily, so it is best to keep a rabbit confined from the rest of the herd if you decide to treat it.