Show Results!

We had a great day at the Dalton, GA show. I love this club and they always put on a wonderful show! We placed well in the huge Holland Lop classes. RR’s Lelouch placed 4th out of 17 at one point. Kim’s Saki placed 1st out of 6 in Show C and earned her 3rd GC leg.

For Himalayans, I got to learn a lot from 3 good judges who took their time showing the body type, posing and markings. Luke (our chocolate junior buck) got BOS twice, but no LEG since there wasn’t enough bucks. Jen (lilac doe) got Best Junior twice.

I purchased 4 Himalayan’s from Charlotte Ford which are insanely long in body and dark in markings. I plan on showing 3 of them next weekend in Florence. I also got 2 brood quality Himalayans’ from Kristina Louvier and will be putting them into breeding soon.

Sebastian had a good day at the show. There was much crying, some naps but he behaved OK. Next weekend I’m leaving him and Tim at home so I can have some alone time! I will miss them terribly but it’ll be nice to get out alone for a bit! I’ll also be there to register rabbits!

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