Safe Herbs

These herbs listed are great for
keeping up good health and curing some things. I got some information from
the Breed Guidebook from the AFLRC.

*Note: Use at your own risk. Different rabbits
may have different effects to these herbs. They are popular for curing
many problems, but use at your own risk, and consult a professional before
using anything.

Also if you spray your yard for bugs, be sure to thoroughly wash before giving to the bunnies!

This is most often used on hot
days. It is said to cool the blood and is very good for pregnant does,
or anyone on really hot days or in hot climates. One warning is to not
feed the fruit to light colored rabbits, or it may cause diarrhea.

This herb increases milk flow in
does, it is also a mild laxative.

This herb is a great blood cleanser
and calming herb. It’s great to use on nervous rabbits, and it also is
a good pain reducer.

This is a good sedative and rabbit’s
find it very tasty.

This is a very powerful healing
herb. It is known for speeding up healing of all kinds, including bones.
It is great for weak rabbits, or rabbits getting over snuffles or heat

The only problem is the leaves
stick to the coats and should be shredded before given to the rabbits,
and clean up anything left on the coat.

Great for wool block and a good
blood cleaner.

Good for helping milk flow in does.
Also good to fight off diarrhea. The seeds are the most strong part of it.

This is very strong in killing
infectious diseases. It is very hard to get the rabbit to eat.

This cures diarrhea, helps stomach
problems, and decreases milk flow in does. It is used a lot at weaning time.
It also helps mastitis.

Blood cleaner.

Helps babies get onto rabbit food.
I try to mix this in with the pellets to ease them into eating at first.
It helps build strong bones, teeth, nails, and wool.

This enriches blood and helps fight
off urinary problems. It also speeds the recovery from snuffles and other
respiratory infections.

Helps a lot during pregnancy and
prevents a lot of the problems during kindling and during the growth of
the kits.

Keeps away fleas and mites.

Cools the blood and is used alot
in hot climates or days. Works wonderfully to keep rabbit at a good temperature
and prevents heat exhaustion.

Helps prevent stillborn babies,
and is also another cooling herb to keep rabbits at a nice temperature. It
also helps if used on sores, rashes, and sore eyes.

This cures intestinal inflammations.
If used on kits, it helps reduce diarrhea.