A pedigree is a piece of paper tracing the parents up to the third and sometimes fourth generation of the animal. The image above is an Official Pedigree for rabbits from ARBA. Only Full Bred rabbits may have a pedigree. Pedigrees are used for breeders and people who show rabbits to show their buyers who is in the line, and what to expect when breeding the rabbit, etc.

This pedigree has spaces for the rabbits Name, ear number, color, weight, registry number, grand champion number and winnings, if any. On the far left, the information about the rabbit itself should be here. Above on the left, is a space for the ear number of the rabbit. Below that should be the buyers address, date sold, breed, sex, and date of birth.

On the bottom left, is the breeders address, where the rabbit was born. Along the top part of the pedigree, is the Sire’s information (father.) The Grand Sire and Grand Dam should be the fathers parents information, and so on in that fashion. Along the bottom part of the pedigree is the mothers’ (Dams’) information. Her parents should be after her, and the grandparents in the last 4 spaces provided.