Lots of updates are coming

Did I say I had the hang of this mommy thing yet? Oops. I have barely been holding on. I am not sure how working moms do this. I’m tired all the time, seems like when one chore is done I have to start over. All the while Sebastian is growing at record speed it seems. It is getting easier now that he is able to play for a bit by himself and self soothe. I’ve let the rabbits go for most of this year, just taking care of them, showing and breeding very few. I bred 5 last month, had only one litter born with ONE baby in it.

I did breed 6 does this week and as Sebastian is growing will be able to get serious about showing and breeding in 2015. I’m even considering experimenting and getting a trio of Himalayan rabbits.

Our clubs’ next show is April 25, 2015 and will be at a new location in New Market, AL at the Locust Grove Baptist Church (in the gym.) It’s a really nice gym and I expect our show to be a huge success just from changing locations.

I have a backlog of people needing to be added to the Pedigree Creator and Breeders Directory (for the breeders directory as far back as March!) The reason for not updating has been mostly new mommy syndrome, but also my keyboard and mouse were giving me problems are almost unusable. I did get them replaced finally this weekend and plan on updating this week! I might even work on the Color Guide! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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