Litter Box Training

Rabbits can be litter box trained just as easily as a cat. On this page I have wrote out some instructions to help you to litter box train a rabbit.

Start by placing a litter box filled with litter in your rabbit’s cage. Don’t use clumping litter or cedar shavings, as they are both dangerous for rabbits, and clumping litter can get very messy and sticky.
Rabbits naturally will pick a corner of the cage to pee and they usually just do it in that one corner. It will be easier on you both if you can place the box there. If you get it on the wrong spot, it will go unused, or the rabbit will try to throw it around like a toy.

Don’t be worried if your bunny wants to lie in the box. This is fairly common in the beginning, they are just trying to figure it out. Rabbits naturally will want to soil something that has litter or hay in their home. This is also true for anything solid in the cage which is why solid floors aren’t recommended for smaller breeds.

Be patient and watch them at all times. Your rabbit will most likely learn to urinate in the box first. Rabbits have less control over their bowels than bladder, so there will be accidents, with solid droppings. If bunny starts to have an accident outside the box you should say “no” in a sharp voice and herd it back towards the box.

I would say start with a rabbit as young as possible, but many people say that older rabbits catch on more quickly because their brain has fully developed.

Once your rabbit has learned that the box is the place to go, you can move the box outside of the cage, or leave the cage door open for the rabbit to come and go freely. If you have carpeted floors, you may want to set up training in a laundry room or spare bathroom.

Sometimes if a rabbit just never learns to use a litter box, it could be due to a bladder infection or lack of understanding. If having trouble you can try placing anything the rabbit has soiled into the box so they can sniff it and hopefully figure it out.