Digestive Diseases

This is a parasite that attacks the digestive tract. There are 2 forms. The first is the Intestinal Form. The signs are diarrhea, poor weight gain, poor flesh and fur condition, and is pot bellied. The second form is the Hepatic Form. The signs are diarrhea, poor flesh and fur condition and large white spots on the liver. The treatment for both forms is the use of coccidiocide on a regular basis for prevention and treatment.

There are 4 forms:
1. Mucoid: The signs are pot bellied, diarrhea and death. They often sit with their feet in the water dish. This form is more common in meat rabbits. They won’t eat and often grind their teeth.
2. Intestinal coccidia: this is Coccidiosis
3. Tyzzer’s Disease: Diarrhea, rapid loss in flesh condition, and death within 1-3 days. This is more common in 3-8 week old kits.
4. Enterotoxemia: Acute diarrhea and death in 24 hours.
The treatment for all kinds of Enteritis is keeping the cages well kept and clean, reducing stress in the hutch and using a diet with more fiber.

Pinworms, Tapeworms, Whipworms all show a few signs. Poor flesh condition and growth rate are common. With whipworms the feces have blood on them. Diarrhea is also a sign.
Pinworms produce tiny white spots on the feces. The use of a wormer (Wazine is most common) and strict sanitation is the only way to prevent, cure this. Also keep other types of animals out of the hutch.