This could be a huge problem and be a sign of many illnesses. So it is best to make sure the rabbit doesn’t have any other signs before you judge what is has. First of all, diarrhea is often caused from bad feed or a change in feed. If this is not the case, has there been any added stress in the barn? Recent trips? (Some rabbits get diarrhea just from an outing to a rabbit show, but it clears up once they are home.) If it’s none of these things begin looking for other symptoms to narrow down what could be wrong.

Make sure the rabbit has plenty of water so they don’t dehydrate. Adding electrolytes to the water can sometimes help.

This has the following signs: profuse diarrhea, dehydration, reduced feed intake, and a rough coat. The rabbits die very quickly usually within 12-24 hours. The problem is usually an enlarged small intestine and the wall of the cecum is hemorrhaged. Bacteria is one of the causes of this disease, and
it comes from poor sanitation. Also diets that are low in fiber and high in energy have this problem more. It is said that Enterotoxemia strikes a rabbity, disappears and strikes at a later date when you think it is gone. The most successful treatment is to change feeds and keep the cages clean, but often it is too late for this one.