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Rabbitry NameCityStateBreeds
Bouncin' Bunny Rabbitry Branchland WV Holland lops & Lionheads
Lookout Rabbitry Charleston WV English Spot, Mini Rex, Lionheads
Mountain Ears Rabbitry Walkersville WV Mini Rex & Netherland Dwarfs
Kayla's Rabbitry Morgantown WV English Spots, Netherland Dwarfs, Polish
Lucas Farm Huntington WV Silver Fox
PJ's Rabbit Farm Fayetteville WV Holland Lop, Flemish Giant, Mini Rex
Bluestone River Rabbitry Rock WV English Angora
Lucky Clover Rabbit Patch Milton WV Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, New Zealand Whites and Reds
Jo's Awesome Angoras Clendenin WV English Angoras, English Lops, Lionheads
Patty's '75 Rabbitry Laramie WY Flemish Giant, Standard Rex, French Lop & Satins
Wyoming Rabbitry Pinedale WY English Lop, French Lop, Rex
Hedges Rabbitry Lander WY Champange D' Argent, Mini Satin, Rex, Florida White
PLB Rabbitry Sheridan WY Mini Rex
Heart E Rabbitry Casper WY Satin, Silver Marten
Desert Sage Rabbitry Saint Stephens WY Californian, Rex, Satin, New Zealand, Himalayan, Mini Rex
Lops of Luv Rabbitry Powell WY English & Holland Lops
Heritage Rabbitry Laramie WY Standard Rex, French Angora
WYnot Bunnies Rabbitry Cody WY Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf
Flip Flop Bunny Hop Laramie WY Holland Lop