Babies Update

Sable Point babies out of Kim's Daenery's & Kim's Hamish
Tort doe out of Kim's Arya & Kim's Hamish

Tort doe out of Kim’s Arya & Kim’s Hamish

Not much to look at right now, but these guys are almost a month old. I’m looking forward to seeing how the sable points develop for show and expect them to have the potential to be very well typed. I have been working for a few years on my sable points and am quite proud of them.

We also have 2 other litters full of torts and broken torts that I didn’t take pictures of. One is going to be expected to be full of pet quality babies but I might be surprised too. Will post more as they progress. If you’re looking for a Holland for pet or show, email me at and I’ll place you in the waiting list. I honestly have about a dozen people to contact once something is for sale, but I expect some will have changed their mind or purchased elsewhere if they were able to find something.

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